I have taken photos since childhood -- starting first with a Brownie and then a Polaroid camera given to me by my brother.   In high school,  I purchased my first SLR, a Minolta SRT 101, and loved exploring photography with my father.     My true passion started when I switched to digital photography -- inspired by  the ability to play and see instant results --- and through a 365 project I undertook in 2012-2013 which changed the way I see the world.  I live in Brooklyn and am  particularly drawn to photographing the many aspects of the diverse, ever changing city -  especially  my own  neighborhood.   

When I am taking photographs, I  am truly in the moment, become totally immersed in capturing the moment.   Photography has helped me to literally open my eyes see the world around me.   I love the challenge of opening myself up and continuing to learn and grow creatively.