I'm taking an Online class on Impressionistic Photography -- photography that aims to look more "painterly".   This week's lesson included putting vaseline on your lens filter to produce some blur.   I had a lot of fun trying this out.   Here are a few of the ones I liked best.

Snowy Night in Brooklyn

I had a chance to go out shooting last night for about an hour.  I especially wanted to check out the ice on the Hudson.  Here are a few of the photos.  The first was taken on the Promenade.  The rest were taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.


I'm starting to experiment with some different techniques.  This is one of my most successful attempt so far -- a multiple exposure of a fire escape.

Dumbo Night Shoot

Last week I went to a photo meet up in Dumbo.   The meet up was for a night shoot during the Dumbo Arts Festival --- one of my favorite annual events.   It was hard to shoot as a group as the festival is packed with people.   But it was fun to meet some photographers and then see what everyone shot later.   Here are a few of my favorites from that night.

Trip to the HighLine

Last week I had class in downtown Manhattan (hurricane shelter operation --- let's pray it's not needed!).   The class ended a little early and I headed to the HighLine for some photography.   Here are a few of my shots on the way there and on the HIghLine.