Sweaty Window

I was walking down Atlantic Avenue walking Bennie to leave him off at Monster Mutt on my way to work when I spotted this window.   It was already a hot, humid morning and the window of the florist was "sweating".   I noticed how beautiful it was, but being sweaty myself and feeling burdened by Bennie and my luggage I walked on by.   About 20 paces down the street I stopped and realized I had to go back and capture this.    Glad I did.  

Miksang Light

For our last day of my Miksang workshop, we got to pick our own "subject" for shooting.  I chose light --- which is shooting patterns of light.   Here are some of my picks.

Miksang Day 4

Today's assignment was texture.   We spent time discussing texture, how to see it and feel it within your body and how to photograph it in a way to visually share the experience.   In some was the assignment was very easy as of course texture is truly everywhere.  But we always found that it didn't always come through in the photo.   As we discussed them, we'd decide if you could feel the texture in the photo.   Here are a few of my images from today.

Miksang Day 3

We had a really fun day today focusing on pattern.    We were all amazed at how pervasive pattern is ---literally everywhere -- and the whole class clearly had a great time finding and photographing patterns.   The photos everyone took were truly amazing.  My picks from today are below  The first photo is not for the pattern assignment but was taken at breakfast through the window.

Miksang Institute Day 2

It was day 2 at the Miksang Institute and we learned an exercise called Human Camera.   It's considered the most important, fundamental exercise in this practice.   Basically you stand, relaxed and close your eyes.  When you mind is still for a moment you turn randomly and slowly open your eyes.   As soon as you start to label or judge what you are seeing, or other thoughts enter you head, you gently close your eyes.   After doing this we went out and again shot color.   It's fun and amazing to see what everyone comes back with.  Below are some of my shots from today.  The first image wasn't for the color assignment --- just a "flash of perception" as we call it this morning at the pool.